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Tamaz Chiladze
Tamaz Chiladze
Born in 1931, Tamaz Chiladze is one of the most recognized Georgian writer, playwright and poet.
He published his first collection of poetry in 1956. Since that time many of his fiction, non-fiction and poetry books have been published and today they are considered to be the classics of Georgian literature.
Notable novels: NOON (1963), A POOL (1972), A CACTUS GARDEN (1994), BREUGHEL’S MOON (2007).
Tamaz Chiladze’s works are translated into different languages of the world, among them into English, Russian, Ukrainian, Albanian, Arabic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Serb and many others.
Tamaz Chiladze worked for famous Georgian magazine Tsiskari (The Daybreak) (1958-64), was chief editor of the magazine Sabchota Khelovneba (The Soviet Art) (1973-81), from 1991 he was reading a course of lectures in dramaturgy at Georgia’s Theater and Cinema Institute, in 1997-2008 he was chief editor of the magazine Mnatobi (The Luminary).
His plays are staged at theatres, both in Georgia and abroad (in the form of television performances).
The plays were staged by celebrated Georgian producers.
In 1992 he was awarded SHOTA RUSTAVELI Prize.
In 1996 the radio broadcasting corporation of Western Germany awarded him the first prize for the play THE QUARTET OF THE PARADISE.
In 1999 he was nominated for the title of the International Personality of 1999-2000 by the Cambridge International Center of Biographies.
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