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Rusudan Rukhadze
Rusudan Rukhadze

Born 1974.


She graduated from the History Department of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi University, in 2008 she completed her MA in Media Management and Journalism in GIPA. She has worked for numerous periodicals since 1996.


Her first story The Morning Before Christmas was published in Literaturuli Gazeti in 2013. In 2014 the publishing house Intelekti collected her stories that appeared in periodicals in a separate edition Tea-Time Stories. The book includes Ada and Eve, the story which received the third prize of the literary competition Tsero. It also became the bestseller of the bookshop Santa Esperanza. Soon the story was included in the annual selection of The Best 15 Stories published by Bakur Sulakauri Publisher.


Tea-Time Stories was nominated for the 2014 Saba prize for the Best Debut.


Rusudan Rukhadze was bestowed with the literary SABA Award for her second book One of You Betrays Me in the category The Year’s Best Prose Collection in 2017.