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Irakli Samsonadze
Irakli Samsonadze
Born in 1961, Irakli Samsonadze is a contemporary Georgian writer and playwright.
In 1983 he graduated from the journalism department of the Tbilisi State University.
His first play AT MIDNIGHT was published in the magazine Khelovneba (Art) in 1985.
Published books:
THE TRIPTICH (plays, 2000); SUBURB (short stories, 2003); A TURKEY’S EGG (plays, 2010), From Comedy to Tragedy with an Absurd Ticket (plays, 2013), FRIGHTENED STREET (short stories, 2013), A Funeral Wake in the Wind (Story, 2016);
Intelekti Publishing published Irakli Samsonadze’s trilogy of novels: LEAH’S TIME (2010), A CUSHION (2012), DARINDA THE CLOUD (2012), prose collection FRIGHTENED STREET (2012), collection of plays FROM COMEDY TO TRAGEDY WITH AN ABSURD TICKET (2013) and a short story  A FUNERAL WAKE IN THE WIND (2016).
About 15 plays by Irakli Samsonadze were staged in all the operating theaters in Georgia.
STATE PRIZE in literature (the collection of plays THE TRIPTICH, 2001)
The literary prize KVALI (for the short novel A CUSHION, 2002).
The literary prize SABA for the monopoly GRANNY MARIAM, or a Traditional Georgian Festive Table (2003).
The first prize of the competition of Mikheil Tumanishvili foundation A NEW GEORGIAN PLAY (for the play A CLINICAL MARRIAGE, 2010).
The literary prize SABA for prose collection FRIGHTENED STREET (2013).
LITERA PRIZE for the novel Wake/Wedding in 2020 (nomination: best novel of the year).
His short stories and novels are translated into Italian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and Turkish.


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