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In the Mists and Beyond
In the Mists and Beyond
Modern Georgian Prose, Books for teenagers


"The humans have become weak, heroes remain only in the legends. The ones who are still alive, are chained to their houses because walking around in the mist is too dangerous. The paths change directions in the mist and become so entangled that even the bravest travellers will forever lose their way. All kinds of evil spirits, werewolves and dangerous creatures wonder about in the mist so only some reckless and forlorn people would dare step out there. But even in the most desperate times there is a rey of hope – beyond the mists remains a village Guro where kind and brave people live. 

Nato Davitashvili is a significant figure in contemporary Georgian literature. Despite the fact that there are quite a few prizes and awards linked to her name, her importance in Georgian literature stands above all winnings because she is the guru of fantasy genre with her implacable writing that is far from the mist of any other genres. In the Iroeli Chronicles the author creates an unique universe based on the Georgian mythology where the well known legendary characters live side by side with the heroes created by the writer. 

In the Mists and Beyond is an excellent read for the lovers of fantasy genre as well as for those who are not fond of fantasy, it is for the adults and for the children. Here the aesthetics of Georgian folklore is fused with epos. The storyline – full of dangerous and unexpected events, is as windy and entangled as the path lost in the mists, and the reader can never know where it will lead them. Because of this and many other reasons, the novel can be read in one breath but it leaves us with a long thread of thoughts. But before you get lost in the thoughts like other readers, you must know the story of old Anania and brave Makhare who live in the mists, you must meet Erekle, Gvantsa and Gamakhela from beyond the mists, and you must go out in search for Vedzi healing waters and follow the path full of mist-scattering miracles, the path called Nato Davitashvili’s In the Mists and Beyond." – Alexandre Lordkipanidze


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