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Zviad Kvaratskhelia
Zviad Kvaratskhelia
Born in 1986, Zviad Kvaratskhelia is contemporary Georgian Writer.
In 2008 graduated from the Faculty of Jurisprundence, Shota Meskhia Zugdidi State Institute.
In 2007-2008 he was art editor of the public magazine Premieri, in 2010-2011 deputy editor of the magazine Kartuli Mtserloba. He works at the publishing houses Intelekti and Artanuji as coordinator of publication projects and editor in chief. He is the author and editor of several publication projects. Since January 2013 he is a blogger of internet magazine
He has published short stories, miniatures and literary-documentary essays in Georgian periodicals, and also collected stories: MARJVE NA (2005), KARAGMA (2006), ULTIMUM (2008), ILIA IN SAMEGRELO (2009), FONTANELLE (2011).
He was bestowed with the literary SABA Award for his first novel 02:40PM in the category The Year’s Best Novel in 2014.
In 2016 02:40PM was published in Gece Publishing (Turkey). Translator: Harun Chimke. In 2022 the same novel was pubished in Bookland Press (Canada). Translator: Mary Childs. 
His short stories are translated into Turkish, Azerbaijani and English and are published in anthologies by Gece, ADK and Comma Press.