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Lela Samniashvili
Lela Samniashvili
Born in 1977, Lela Samsniashvili is a contemporary Georgian poet.
In 1999 she graduated from Ilia Chavchavadze University of Foreign Languages and in 2001 took the Samultaneous Translation courses. In 2007 she completed her Master’s Degree in Oslo University.
Her poetry collections have been nominated for and awarded with numerous literary prizes. Her poems are translated into the English, Dutch, Italian, Azerbaijan and Russian languages.
Her poetry work includes: PHOTO-PILLS (2000); THE SNAKE YEAR (2004); A PERMANENT TATTOO (2006); FRACTALS (2010); AN ABSTRACT PRAYER (2014).
She has translated: Sylvia Plath’s Poems (World Poetry Series, 1999); Virginia Woolf, A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN (2007); Sylvia Plath, THE BELL JAR (2009; 2014).