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Shota Iatashvili
Shota Iatashvili
Shota Iatashvili was born in 1966. He is poet, fiction writer, translator and art critic. He has published a significant number of poetry collections, four works of prose and a book of literary criticism. In 2007and 2011 he won the SABA Prize, Georgia’s most prestigious award and in 2009 International Poetry Award KIEVSKIE LAVRI (Ukraina).
His works have been translated into English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Estonian, Latvian, Turkish, Albanian, Armenian, Azerbaijanian etc. languages. Iatashvili’s poems have been published in several countries.
Shota Iatashvili has taken part in numerous international literary festivals such as EST-OUEST (Die, France, 2006), Poetry International (Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2007), SOTZIA (Tallinn, Estonia, 2008), BIPVAL (Val-de-Marne, France, 2011), ‘Time of Poets’ (Lublin, Poland, 2012), ‘Kievskie Lavry’ (Kiev, Ukraine, 2009, 2016), Xichang-Qionghai Silk Road International Poetry week (Xichang, China, 2016) etc.
Currently, he is editor-in-chief of the literary journal Akhali Saunje and leads the Library rubric at Radio Liberty.