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Beka Kurkhuli
Beka Kurkhuli
Born in 1974, Beka Kurkhuli is contemporary Georgian Writer. He graduated from Tbilisi Experimental School 1 in 1991 and studied theater art (Tamaz Chiladze’s workshop) at the Shota Rustaveli Theatrical Institute in Tbilisi during the years 1991-1996.
His first novellas were printed in 1991. Following this, his short stories were systematically printed in Georgian literary magazines and newspapers.
He was a reporter in Georgian and Caucasian conflict regions for the newspaper Dilis Gazeti (The Morning Paper) in 1999-2004, frequently being sent to hot points. His reports came from Abkhazia (Gali district, Kodori Valley), the Tskhinvali region (Tskhinvali, Nikozi, Didi Liakhvi Valley, Tamarasheni), North Ossetia and Ingushetia (Vladikavkaz, Nazran, Magas), Azerbaijan (Baku) and the Pankisi Valley.
Books he has published: Period ... Lost People from a Lost Territory (2004); A Home From Somewhere Else (2005); A Meeting After The Fact (2010); A Story of Two Moons (2011); A Short Summer Night (2012); City in the Snow (2013); Notes 1993-2011 (2013); Open Door Country (2014); Runaways from Paradise (2015), Skandara and Other Short Stories (2017).

Beka Kurkhuli was bestowed with the literary SABA Award for his novel Runaways From Paradise in the category The Year’s Best Novel in 2016. Skandara and Other Short Stories was nominated for the 2018 Litera prize for the Best Prose Collection.


Beka Kurkhuli is the winner of Saguramo Award 2019.